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P3X2 is a personal feeder system for your primary program.
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June 1st 2010

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P3X2 Testimonials
Bill Ivey:

""Wow", I made $350 in less than 24 hours ($300 in cash + reentry).
I am so impressed with this program, software and admin.

It fills extremely fast with only 12 people needed. Then you can drill down in your matrix and see who needs what, so you can help them cycle into your new matrix. And the admin, Rob, pays daily.!!! Great program!!!!""

Patrick and Pelo Kubheka:

"Wow! This is incredible $350.00 payout in 3 hours,this is not a joke.In
outh African currency we turned R500.00 into R2400.00 in 3 hours.

We encourage all South Africans to join our team so that we can show them
our strategic plan.
Here are the contacts:0734008383 available 24/7

Thanks Rob for this wonderful opportunity which I believe will change our
financial muscles."

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Welcome To The Team Page Of Nadezhda Frolova

With a new exciting Product
Designer Watch Paul Jardan
Shipped directly to you when you JOIN

While most marketers waste their time and money joining programs without truly understanding what it takes to cycle through them, here at Prosperity3x2 we wanted to build you a system that is easy to cycle through. EVEN FOR A NEWBIE!

NO MORE BS: No board splitting, No multi-tiered systems, the games are now over!!!


IF YOU DID THE MATHon any of the programs you have joined, you probably would not have joined them and kept your money.

BOARD SPLITTING SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK FOR MOST PEOPLE JUST THE SELECTED FEW. Let Me Guess, You were dazzled by the high dollar payouts and you ignored the reality of what it takes to cycle through them Right?

MULTI-TIERED BOARD SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK FOR MOST PEOPLE EITHER. Again, You were dazzled by the big payouts here also and you didn't realize what it takes to cycle through them either, Right?

Back to back 2x3 board splitting systems take an average of 300 people to follow you in order for you to cycle them and get paid.

Three multi-tiered tiered 2x3 board system takes over 1000 people to follow you in order for you to cycle through and get paid.

WOW!!! This is why you've always lost your money, most people can only sponsor 2 or 3.

The truth is you bought into those systems on the emotions of earning money and not the thought of what it really takes to earn it.

You didn't know because those system owners wouldn't tell you. They didn't tell you because they care more about what's in your wallet than they do about you.

They used deception to get into your wallet or purse, BUT NOW YOU KNOW.

At P3X2, We Have The Formula For Quick Success.

YOU CAN USE P3X2 to build your Diamond Rewards downline, your following, and the $300 entry fee your referrals need to join Diamond Rewards with you!

YOU CAN USE P3X2 to build your Diamond Holiday downline, your following, and the $300 entry fee your referrals need to join Diamond Holiday with you!

YOU CAN USE P3X2 to build your LGN Prosperity downline, your following, and the $300 entry fee your referrals need to join LGN Prosperity with you!

It Doesn't Matter!

YOU CAN USE P3X2 for your referrals to earn the money they need to join you in any program that you are struggling to build. We have members joining and cycling the same day. They get paid the very next day and have literally earned the money they've needed overnight!!!

P3X2 Only Takes 12 People Total, 3 Personally sponsored by you and the other 9 can be any combination of personal referrals, spillover, and or spill under. We don't care how your cycle gets 12 people in it, as long as you sponsor 3 as part of that 12 that close your cycle, YOU EARN!

* Disclaimer *
You, The member of Prosperity3x2.com, are SOLELY Responsible for
All and any taxes and reporting of earnings to your local State or Government.

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